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TACO TUESDAY!!!! The best part about Tuesdays are the tacos, and in celebration Action Jackson and Trainwreck Tom eat tacos and read dumb things on the radio every week. Subjects of this talk show include tacos, drug cartels, fan fiction, tacos, fake sounding real news, technology, and tacos. So get yourself and get a taco twelve pack, kick back, and listen to Taco Tuesdays from 8-10 pm. Tacos!!!!!

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Tonight will be the first Trainee Request Show of the semester!!! Call or text in to 504-656-6735 tonight between 9 and 11 pm and our training DJs will play your request!

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Ever wonder who would be crazy/fantastic enough to be the faculty adviser for KMNR? Well could can find out for yourself every Wednesday from 10-11 AM. Dr. S. plays new wave, post punk, classic rock, folk rock, or whatever else he feels like cause he is Dr. S. and he can do that sort of thing. So be sure to tune in to @The Dr. S. The Dr. S Musical Explosion. WARNING: The Dr. S. Musical Explosion must be played loud

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Looking for something to listen to between you’re your classes and your festivities on Friday? Then does KMNR have a treat for you. From 6-7 Pm every Friday you can have the pleasure of listening to I’m Not Your Father with Dj Kristapovich aka Beta Bob. He brings the funk from all around the world. Young Lean. And everyone has a really happy time whenever he does this thang. So be sure to tune in to turn your dials to 89.7FM, cause you don’t wanna miss this!

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Congratulations to the following students for making it into the Fall 2014 trainee class.We are excited to see what you all bring to the station.
Aaron Gabbert
Aaron Latal
Adrienne Lister
Andrew Hedlund
Aron Johannsson
Austin Renwick
Billy Dodds
Caelan McCracken
Chris Sosko
Charles McDonnell
Clark Miller
Connor Sprague
Dalton Allen
Danielle Keeney
Daylan Smith
Grace Deitzler
Harmony Tyndall
James Lumos
Joel Thorne
John Park
Joey Svoboda
Judah Schad
Lauren Steele
Madison Leeper
Mark Farmer
Matthew Shallow
Nick McGraw
Tristan Hellmuth
Wesley Harris
William Tolson

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We are currently in the process of interviewing new trainees for the semester. While not explicitly required, we do accept video auditions from time to time.

Kitties do it better!

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