Music for the Post-Snowpocalypse

Pendulum- Immersion- This album is much different than Pendulum’s 2008 release In Silico, so if you’re looking for songs like “Propane Nightmares” (which I’ll admit I was) you may be disappointed. They opt out of highly dynamic beats for more atmospheric ones paired with vocals coming from members of Prodigy and In Flames. It gives me sort of a Linkin Park vibe when the vocals emerge, so if you like the sound, check out “Watercolour” and “Witchcraft”  If you’re more in it for the music behind it, I suggest “Genesis” and both parts of “The Island.

Mogwai- Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will- A post-rock album good for some background music. It’s heavy on the music, low on lyrics, and full of talent. I suggest “Letters to the Metro” and “Mexican Grand Prix.”

Kitten- Sunday School- Cute indie rock complete with a female lead vocalist with an impressive range. The EP will definitely make you want to listen from start to finish, but I highly suggest the beginning track “Kill the Light,” “Chinatown,” and “Allison Day.” RIYL We Landed on the Moon!, The Grates

Telekinesis- 12 Desperate Straight Lines- One of my favorite albums of the year so far. If you’re not familiar with Telekinesis, it’s the indie rock ensemble created by Michael Lerner, who has an ear for decent riffs. The whole rock outfit is good, but the bass guitar on the album is especially impressive in songs like “You Turn Clear in the Sun” and “I Cannot Love You.” RIYL Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie

Bright Eyes- The People’s Key- This album went better than expected. As much as Conor Oberst’s voice seems to scream the message of a thousand angsty pre-teens, the music behind him is pretty decent on this record, and if you’re a fan of Mr. Oberst, more joy for you. I really enjoyed “Firewall,” which is prefaced by a speech by David Icke, infamous for his grand conspiracy theories. It was quite the touch. Other than that, check out “Jejune Stars” and “Haile Selassie”

Cold War Kids- Mine Is Yours- Upbeat, poppy rock with a lead singer that conveys emotion into all of the tracks. I was really impressed with “Mine Is Yours” and the rest of the songs fit in well with the current sunny weather. There’s a lot of soul in this album and it wouldn’t hurt you to check it out. RIYL Modest Mouse,  Jack Johnson

Kristoff Krane- Picking Flowers Next to Roadkill - I tend to stay away from hip-hop because it always seems like the most talented artists have the most disturbing material, but I liked this album. The background music is pretty good and the lyrics don’t insult me. Try “Brighter Side” and “Leave the Summer”

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