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It's Quiet Hours

DJ Sunshine

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Fall 2017 Schedule

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
R(ap) & B(eyoncé)
The Chef & M.SeaTurtle
The White Whale, Holy Grail Herself
DJ Capybara, DJ Bowie & Andrew Long
Andy Manson & Chris Schenkelberg
1 a.m.
2 a.m.
Molly Maloney
Rachel Gosen
Orange Juic3
EDM Live Mixing
3 a.m.
4 a.m.
5 a.m.
6 a.m.
DJ Feline Groovy
Through the Air
Clayton "DayHawk" Eversen & DJ Ango
Mild Taco Sauce
Andrew Parasch
7 a.m.
8 a.m.
DJ Eclipse
DJ Lost & DJ Hogie
DJ Wholesome
9 a.m.
DJ Duma
10 a.m.
Business as Usual
DJ Bigfoot
Rachel Gosen & Molly Maloney
Get Off My Lawn
Dr. S
Ian "DJ Chapstick" Pate
East Coast Ghost
New Funk, Old Funk, Jazz and oldies
11 a.m.
DJ Duma, DJ Wholesome & M.SeaTurtle
DJ Batman & Beef Stroganoff
The Stolen Fountain Pen
DJ Cubix
Beef Stroganoff
Hipster, Indie
Today and Tomorrow Audiophonic Tribulations of the Quantum Compadres
Dirty Dan
DJ Spaceman
Emo/Post Hardcore/Garage Rock/Punk
The Wildman
Football Talk Show
1 p.m.
DJ Sunshine
DJ Sunny Eggz
2 p.m.
The Lone Wanderer
Engineering Hours
3 p.m.
4 p.m.
DJ Big Red Dog
Hip Hop
5 p.m.
6 p.m.
Ben Hall & DJ Dagon
Neal (Bamboo) Kisor
Indie, Alt-Rock, Psychedelic, EDM, Prog Rock, Dream Indie, Synth Pop, Dream Wave, New Wave, Vapor Wave, Indie New Prog Wave, and Mo' Town
DJ Heinie
Indie, folk, soundtracks, and good ol' fashioned rock & roll
7 p.m.
8 p.m.
DJ BlackHawk
Hard Rock/Metal
MC Vulnerable & Neal (Bamboo) Kisor
Cross your Eyes and Dot your Ts
Caelan McCracken
Kori Poynter (DJ Chrysalis) & Caitlin Siehr
9 p.m.
Neal (Bamboo) Kisor
10 p.m.
DJ Buzzard
Claire Donze & Sienna Hohenstreet
MC Vulnerable
Sienna Hohenstreet & MC Smash
MC KZ & DJ Clementine
Physical Media
DJ Sputnik
Alternative, Pop, Pop Punk, Emo
11 p.m.