New Musix (and more to come!)

Iron and Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean- A good companion to The Decemberists’ recent release “The King is Dead,” Samuel Beam brings a slower indie to the party. There aren’t any tracks that really jump at me, but I’ll accept “The Tree by the River.”

Vanity Theft - Get What You Came For-Four girls, including LaLaine (aka Miranda from “Lizzie McGuire”) come together and produce a sexy-confident rock album somewhere comfortably between The Ting Tings and The Runaways. The track “Trainwreck” provides us a look into what happens when a girl sees her boyfriend with another girl and likes what she sees, while “Missing Teeth” is a sweeter, slower ballad about letting go.

Little Comets- In Search of Elusive Little Comets- My personal favorite album of the week, In Search of Elusive Little Comets is modern Brit rock at it’s best. No haunting melodies, no mixed beats, just a straightforward rock sound to which I can play the air-drums. Check out “Isles” and “One Night in October.” RIYL The Wombats, Babyshambles, Mando Diao

Plan B- The Defamation of Strickland Banks- An Englishman does R&B, and he does it pretty damn well. The album carries a whole lotta soul and motown we really haven’t seen in the past 40 years. “Writing’s on the Wall” provides a classic sound while “Stay Too Long” and “The Recluse” add a little rock to the mix. RIYL The Temptations, Amy Winehouse

Rooney- Eureka- Back with a self-produced album, Rooney brings back the Cali-rock scene that spiked in popularity around the time of The O.C.   Robert Schwartzman’s vocals sound eerily similar to Rivers Cuomo’s, but nevertheless, he brings in his own sound on happenin’ tracks like “I Can’t Get Enough” and “The Hunch.” Overall, I really enjoyed this album, I just wish I had a beach to go with it. RIYL: Weezer, The Beatles, Coconut Records

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