Some new additions from our friends over at Planetary

Now, Now - Neighbors
Overall a pretty good album for those who are looking for a mainstream rock sound with a prominent female lead. Their song “Giants” stood out the most with me. The album features an acoustic version of that song as well. Check it out.

40 Watt Hype - Push
I’m not the biggest fan of Hip-Hop or Latin music, but I can dig this album. It definitely has an abundance of soul, which I like. I would recommend this album to any DJ that wants a laid back, soulful album to add to their show.
Personally I enjoyed # 1 “Only the strong Survive”

Black Pistol Fire- Black Pistol Fire
Black Pistol Fire’s sound brings to mind that ol’ loud, southern blues rock from the 70’s and overall their debut, self titled LP is pretty good.  Fans of the genre or of more recent bands like The White Stripes or Jet should give it a listen.  

…and that’s not all, check back in a week or so for more adds.


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