Artichoke - Bees - Cute indie pop/rock with a childish side. The whole album revolves around the theme of bees but takes many different perspectives. The vocalist reminds me of Without a Face or possibly Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. Definitely worth giving a try if you’re into indie. Try “The Commune” or “Melissa”

Gold Panda- Lucky Shiner- An artist from the UK, Gold Panda creates an electro atmosphere with a hip hop background. The synths are well-placed and not too heavy. The songs seem to have more of a structure than just continuous beats, making the whole album danceable, but also capable of being played while relaxing. “You” and “Snow & Taxis” are great examples of music to kick it to,  but I’m more partial to “Same Dream China”

Erland and the Carnival- Trouble in Mind- Softer contemporary rock with a heavy Franz Ferdinand vibe. The keyboard and guitar riffs make for catchy music that’s easy to listen to. The single, “Trouble in Mind” is a softer track that plays it safe, while “My Name is Carnival” takes a bit of folk and successfully blends it with rock to create an elegant track.

Guster- Easy Wonderful- The first track is “Architects and Engineers,” how much more appropriate can you get?  This album mixes 60s pop and modern indie into an upbeat collection of tracks. No gimmicks, just music, which makes it seem very pure. If you’re already a fan of Guster, you’ll appreciate their newest effort. If you’re not familiar, try it out, you may just like it. “Do You Love Me” is my favorite.

Tango in the Attic- Bank Place Locomotive Society- The first track emanates Vampire Weekend, but as the album progresses you start to break into a more Brit Rock-inspired indie sound. The Scottish accent gives the songs a slight hint of character that you don’t get from other records. Check out “Off to…”, “A Healthy Distraction,” and “Jackanory”

The Orb feat. David Gilmour- Metallic Spheres- If you’re a fan of the Orb already or happen to enjoy Pink Floyd (see David Gilmour), you’ll like this album. Two thirty-minute tracks divided into subsections scream stoner rock but are very melodic and can be appreciated by the substance-free listener. Basically, if you like Pink Floyd, you’ll like this album.

IMA Robot- Another Man’s Treasure- Heavily electro-sized, IMA Robot seems to be the digital man’s U2.  The beats are thrown at you in a jumbled mass, so if you’re not ready for the eccentricity, wait a little bit and come back. I could appreciate “Ruthless” and “Sail With Me” but the rest was a little too awkward for me personally to handle. Oh, I also might add that if you’re one of those folks who loves Edward Sharpe, he happens to be IMA Robot’s leading fella.

Bleu- Four- Rock with a slight hint of country (not enough to scoff at though) that emphasizes the message in the lyrics. It seems so simple, yet I can’t help but enjoy listening to it. Try “B.O.S.T.O.N” on for size.

The Superions- Destination…Christmas!- Fronted by Fred Schneider of the B-52s, The Superions definitely reflect the same oddity the B-52s inhabit so well. This album brings a whole new perspective on Christmas by taking the simple things and pizzazzing them into Superion-worthy tracks. Check out “Fruitcake” if you’re ready.

Zach Hill- Face Tat- Famed as a drummer, Zach Hill proves he can make it on his own with this album that utilizes his drumming talents but does not put all of the weight on them. The songs go through a range of hard rock and simple melodies and everything seems to reflect an organized chaos. I think you’ll appreciate “Memo to the Man”

We got a collection of Loud Rock/Metal in, but I don’t feel equipped to properly review it. So, if you feel like giving any of these albums a listen, feel free to do so and send me a review at . Your thoughts will be shared with errybody out here.

National Overdrive- Welcome to the Nation

Oceansize- Self Preserved While the Bodies Float

Baptized in Blood- Baptized in Blood

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