Late Reviews for the Week

Don’t get too excited….

Clea Roddick- Songs of the Year: Vol. 1- As soon as the first track started playing I immediately thought of Regina Spektor. Soft female vocals with a piano accompaniment, it’s cute and upbeat. Check out “Astronomy” and “Chickadee”

Small Black - New Chain- Fairly eclectic for a synth-pop album, Small Black mixes 80s- inspired beats, colorful synths that make me feel like I’ve entered the mind of Willy Wonka, and ethereal melodies. The vocals are your typical synthesized high-pitched indie boy sound, but I think the background makes up for it. “Photojournalist” is by far my favorite.

Sun Airway- Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier- It’s always nice to hear electro beats that aren’t extremely in your face. This album creates a melodic atmosphere while maintaining a decent rock sound. RIYL Animal Collective, The Killers.

The Companies - Keep Me in Mind- Best described as post-punk alt rock, this album makes you feel like you’re in the London underground scene. And just when you think you really understand them, they pull out “Mami,” which is half rock, half salsa. Check it out if you enjoy The Cure. 

The Extra Lens- Undercard- Smart folk rock reminiscent of They Might Be Giants minus most of the quirk, Flogging Molly minus most of the Irish, and Simon and Garfunkel minus most of the Simon. Led by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, it’s definitely worth a spin. Check out  “Communicating Doors”

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