Pigeon John - “Dragon Slayer”
The perennially awesome master of self-deprecating rap (think the ANTI-dick
swinger) is back with new album and a  title that seems like he’s
dropped the shy, unlucky guy image for more of a heroic one.  On “Dragon
Slayer” Pigeon John has indeed tried to reinvent himself a bit, but
thankfully he hasn’t dropped the mister-nice-guy-finishes-last persona
that has made his music so refreshing in this age of ‘screw them hoes’
style gangsta rap.

Pigeon has decided to maintain his image while exploring his general
song-writing abilities more, creating a rap album that exudes wit and
warmth.  His mood changes throughout, while staying in an almost ambient
mood that serves to draw you into the narratives he chooses to create
with his lyrics.  He ends up singing most of the time instead of rapping
over backing vocals as he has done before, and at moments he lets the
music swell and push him off stage in a very indie-pop manner.

Thankfully all his humor and character as omnipresent as his other cd’s.  His
version of a ‘I come from the streets and had to work for this sh**’
song, “Buttersoft Seats” rebels against the gangsta-rap cliches by
describing how he never got Rolex’s, only Casio calculator watches, but
it’s all okay now - he has a brand new truck with buttersoft seats.  His
version of ‘aw hell, it’s about to get real’, “Dude, It’s ON”, is a
mellow, slow-swelling song about a fight outside a motel where the music
speaks more than he does.  “Davey Rockit” is about the son of a failed
and abusive DJ, but Pigeon manages to create full and dynamic characters
in this short track that makes you truly care for the people he sings

Really, most of the album plays like a very good indie rock/pop album with only
mild electronic instrumentation.  The main difference is that Pigeon
John has the ability to write in a more MC style, and his knowledge
allows for a better story to be imbued into each track that drives the
album to higher levels than his previous releases - which is saying
something for a guy who regularly gets top ratings from critics.

Best of all?  He still comes off as the nicest MC you’ll ever hear.

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