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Underworld - Barking

Electronic/trance - Underworld is the collaboration of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, both of which have been producing music since the early 80’s. Though I have not listen to much electronic music in my day, I can certainly recognize the catchy appeal of this album and I’m sure that those wanting to put new electronic/trance into their libraries should pick this album up.
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Suuns - Zeroes QC

Experimental rock/pop - Suuns, a minimalist rock group from Montreal, caught me off guard with this album. Being a progressive rock, jazz, metal guy I usually get turned off when I hear the word “minimalist”, but this album features some pretty sweet tunes.  The first track “Armed For Peace”  has some especially cool riffs and rhythms.

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Evolett - For Your Consideration

Rock - Fans of rock bands with a female lead should listen to this album up. It has a very strong Paramore, Evanescence, Fly-Leaf pop-rock feel. That is all…

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