Pick of the week:

Young the Giant- Young the Giant-  Every track on this album makes me feel good. Not only are the vocals genuine and heartfelt, but the music behind it is wonderfully melodic. I get a small bit of a Vampire Weekend vibe but these guys definitely hold their own. I guess I’d call it easy-listening indie rock with heart. Check out “Cough Syrup”, “My Body,” 

Other good stuff:

Various Artists- 50 Years of Dr. Martens- Who would’ve thought that a shoe company could produce a good album with lots of variety? This album consists of decently popular artists doing covers of what they refer to as “cult classics” (I didn’t even realize you could have a cult song. I’m so uncool). Artists such as The Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Noisettes bring their own spin to these tracks and in turn produce a wonderfully eclectic compilation. Fans of funk will enjoy DaM FunK’s “Things That Dreams Are Made Of”, people who love female rockers will dig “Ever Fallen in Love” by Noisettes and “I Wanna Be Adored” by the Raveonettes, and those who dig slower tracks will like “Lilac Wine” by The Cinematic Orchestra and “Dirty Old Town” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. PS- Janelle Monae is on the cover but has no song on the album, which makes me a little sad. (Also, if you look inside the cover, one of the songs looks like it says “hangina” which made me giggle)

Conan O’Brien (yep, that guy)- And They Call Me Mad?- Conan O’Brien teams up with Jack White to produce this collection of 4 tracks. “And They Call Me Mad?” is a spoken-word play on the story of Frankenstein’s monster, which is completely clean and fun. The second track is an interview with Conan himself in which he performs impressions, gives some anecdotes, and speaks nonsense. (No mention of the NBC stuff, which I respect) Contains some indecencies, so only safe harbor. “Polk Salad Annie” is Conan speak-singing to a bluesy rock nonsense track. It’s fairly entertaining but again, only safe harbor. I think my favorite track is Conan and Jack White’s cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock” It’s completely clean and  has a sweet rockabilly sound.

Gospel Claws- C-L-A-W-S - If you liked their first album, you’ll really dig Gospel Claw’s second release that epitomizes the indie genre. Tracks like “Walk Me Down” and “Baby I’ll Take You Home” will please the indie pop lovers while “Avenues” and “Somebody Stole My Money” are more folk-like and will fulfill the dreams of people like myself who enjoyed “Don’t Let it Die” from their first album. Tracks like “Householder” and “Greeley Estates” combine multiple genres and provide a stoic sound. Definitely give it a try.

Tim Chad and Sherry- Baby We Can Work It Out- They liken themselves to MGMT and the Flaming Lips, but they definitely separate themselves from the pack. A good mix of electro and funk tracks as well as a sampling of island reggae, it’s something I can’t say I’ve heard before. “The Love I Make” has an awesome sound as well as  ”Rocket Tonight”

The Atomic Square- After It’s All Said and Done- Alternative Rock with a hint of indie pop, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before but it’s a decent sound. The best tracks are the ones not recommended on the label. I like “Fall in the Square,” a purely instrumental track and “Headlights.” 

Holy Sons- Survivalist Tales-  I’m currently angry at this album. Way to not warn me about FCC indecencies, assholes. But really, the album is filled with that man singing in a deep falsetto with some decent background and the album art is pretty awesome.

Have a good second half of your week guys.



Action Jackson’s Reviews:

Jupe Jupe - Invaders
RIYD is listed as Hot Chip, Cut Copy and LCD soundsystem. This album draws heavily from 80’s synthpop and new wave, almost to the point that they are a Flock Of Seagulls cover. If you like the 80’s style, these guys are a great modern analog. Try #2.

The Hundred In The Hands - The Hundred In The Hands

Reminds me of other indie bands with a synth back such as the Rural Alberta Advantage or Faded Paper Figures. The Sleeve sticker cites French House, but in several of the tracks the influence is practically negligible. Track #1 is worth a listen for indie pop shows. 

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