“A Little Messed Up” - The Dollyrots

I tend to appreciate lyrics (funnier/dirtier=better) and vocals and this album doesn’t disappoint. There is definitely a strong sense of humor, especially in the last track “Om Nom Nom,” which is very pleasantly dirty. The whole album is pretty 80s-ish punk/alternative rock and the female vocalist takes advantage of what I would call the pseudo-singing style (i.e. partially talking/partially singing). If you like music with lots of personality I strongly suggest giving this CD a listen and a play. There are lots of bad words though, so be careful.

“Home”-After August

The vocals can only be described as country sung by a boy band (of two or three men) with a hint of soft christian rock (though I didn’t hear any Christian lyrics). The instrumentation is mostly simple guitar/drums. It’s strange to me because there is minimal twang but it’s definitely more country than any other genre. It’s like if John Mayer did country music. As a matter of fact, in “Stop” the lead singer sounds a lot like John Mayer. So I guess if you wish John Mayer sounded more country listen to this album. I’m done talking about John Mayer for like a month…

“A Bird Called Angola”-The Delta Saints

This album is very roots/blues/has lots of harmonica. In every aspect it’s like Shinedown+Stevie Ray Vaughan+harmonica.


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