Thissss weeeek in music:

Ben Folds/Nick Hornby- Lonely Avenue- Nick Hornby, a British author, put down some words and Ben Folds made them into music. True to Ben Folds’ style, it’s satirical, quirky, and very clever. Lots of indecencies but definitely worth giving a listen. I like “Levi Johnston’s Blues” and “Saskia Hamilton”

Klaxons- Surfing the Void - A nice example of indie/alt pop, the tracks have that echoing melodic background that makes the album memorable. My favorite is “Valley of the Calm Trees”

Agent Ribbons- Chateau Crone- Highly reminiscent of 60’s low-key pop ballads, the female vocals project a retro feel that’s soft and sweet.I like “I Was Born to Sing Sad Songs”

Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs- God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise-A fun blues album from the soft, sweet-as-sugar vocals of Ray LaMontagne. Definitely worth giving a listen. I thoroughly dig “Repo Man” … and the rest of the album

Diamond Rings- Special Affections- I’m fairly positive this guy is a time traveler from 1986… or just a sad, sad, misunderstood hipster. That isn’t to say the album isn’t good. The vocals have that metrosexual british male sound and the beats are reflective of ’80s pop. I like the beats on “You & Me” and “You Oughta Know”

Mark Ronson and the Business Intl- Record Collection- Mark Ronson teams up with various hip-hop artists and ’80s music icons to make this awesomely eclectic album which features a good mix of electro and hip-hop beats. Check out “Bang Bang Bang” and “Bicycle Song”

Serj Tankian- Imperfect Harmonies- I’m no System of a Down expert, so I can’t really compare this to their stuff, but from what little I know, I’m pretty sure this is a whole different category of music for Mr. Serj here, and I’ve just been informed that he changes stuff a lot.  His vocals are as always recognizable but the songs are more alternative rock/pop/weirdshit and filled with political statements. The man is crazy, let’s be honest. Still, try it out. I played “Borders Are…” on my show and I didn’t regret it.

Skylarkin- Kaleide- Catchy indie-rock with a good section of instrumental music. “Still Windmills” and “Smarts” are play-worthy.

That’s all I got fo’ now!

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