A Few Recommendations from Ethan

We Know Mason – Tread Carefully

Generic Rock. Definitely influenced by classic rock and older acoustic rock. The vocalist has a very mick jagger feel on some of the louder songs and at times reminds me of Dylan on the softer, acoustic tunes. Personally I like tracks 1, 7, and 9.

Various – Jerry Jams for Rex (Various bands playing Grateful Dead songs live)

Anyone that is a fan of the Grateful Dead can pick this album up and enjoy it. For those not familiar with the work of The Dead or Jerry Garcia, you will be greeted with a wide variety of textures and sounds. There is a good chance that you can learn to enjoy at least a few songs off this album. The two songs that stood out the most for me were The String Cheese Incident with their 13-minute jazz, folk, rock fusion version on “Eyes of the World” and Widespread Panic’s version of “Cream Puff War”.

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