Do you have what it takes?

Not unlike a Ricola commercial, each semester we put out THE CALL. We search the land for the finest metal heads and hipsters, bros and ravers, those musically inclined and those we think are just cool.

Though, to be honest, most of the time we are exhausted by the time we print out the application form, so we usually just pick from the people who wander in and put their name on a whiteboard. It seems to work pretty well, since we’re pretty awesome.┬áDo you have what it takes?

Can you truthfully fill out paperwork about your musical interests?

Can you write your name on a whiteboard?

Can you survive the rigorous 20 minute interview process?

This is surprisingly close to the actual interview

Do you have what it takes to go to a weekly training meeting and get HANDS ON experience at your trainers show?

If you answered yes to all of the above and thought that Nickelback was actually a bad answer, then you should:

  1. Stop by the station and grab an application
  2. Fill it out the form
  3. Turn in the form and sign up for an interview time

    Applications are due January 20. Good luck!

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