Injured Ninja Vs. Skylazer

I know that I’ve been MIA with the whole album review thing. That is because, honestly, I felt like I could never do a proper review of the music coming in. After listening to each album in the past I felt like I had nothing to offer because the music didn’t move me, it didn’t make me think, and I was left with nothing to write about.

With that said, After listening to Injured Ninjas’ album, I felt like It was my duty to write a review because it is one of the best albums to come into the station in a while.
Though, I’m warning you now, the album very heavy on the experimentation, dissonant chords, in-audible vocals, and abrasive electronics and something like that can be hard to swallow for those who are new to it. For those who are intrigued though, will find that album remains interesting and fresh from start to finish. Every song on the album features some new ideas and sounds that keep me listening. I know that experimental rock isn’t for everyone but i would highly recommend this album to anyone looking an awesome album.  

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