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I transfered to MS & T in the spring of '09. I have a couple of jobs, am in a couple of organizations, and attempt to have a life when those other things aren't going on. I like to jump in every two to three songs or so in order to keep the flow going. Sometimes I unintentionally bring the show to a dead stop. It happens. When it does, I usually just talk until that feeling is forgotten. Unless of course you want me to keep going. Wait, don't go...

So much stuff that I really don't want to spoil the surprise. Just kidding...I am consistently in search of the newest, latest and greatest. It seems that I am becoming more and more indy as I continue to stay involved with KMNR, which could be a good or a bad thing. Anyways, I am extremely partial to the 90's and the music that came out of them. I am not, however, a fan of garage, as it just feels like people playing instruments with vocals. And metal. It makes my head hurt. Oh, and country. Just can't stand that sad mopeyness.
So, music from the 90's I say? In that I am referring to pop punk, power punk, catchy lyrics, and meaningful verses. I like stuff that makes you think and stuff you can't stop thinking about. Although the golden age for this stuff is gone, there is still plenty being made and making its way into indy and popular culture. Always keep your ears peeled for more neato stuff out there, and that is about all I got people!