Dr. S's Shows

Exile On State Street SP 2009

The Dr. S Show SP 2010

The Dr. S Musical Extravaganza SP 2011

New Wave, Singer/songwriter, Folk, Blues, Prog Rock, AAA, etc.

Big Music FS 2011

Musical Explosion SP 2012

classic rock, folk, singer-songwriter, new wave, blues, alternative, indie

The Dr. S Musical Explosion FS 2013

The Dr. S Musical Explosion! FS 2014

Get Off My Lawn SP 2015

Rock, folk, new wave, 80's, blues, AAA, singer songwriter

Get off my Lawn FS 2015

Get off my Lawn, Damn Kids SP 2016

80’s, folk, classic rock, blues, singer/songwriter, New Wave, post punk, Adult Album Alternative.

Get Off My Lawn, Damn Kids FS 2016

80's, Folk, Classic Rock, Blues, Singer/Songwriter, New Wave, Post Punk, Adult Album Alternative

Get Off My Lawn SP 2017

Adult Album Alternative, folk, blues,classic rock, Americana, 70's, 80's, etc

Get Off My Lawn FS 2017

Get Off My Lawn SP 2018

Get Off My Lawn FS 2018

adult album alternative, classic rock, folk, blues, etc.

Get Off My Lawn SP 2019

classic rock, new wave, adult album alternative, folk, blues, etc

Get Off My Lawn FS 2019


Get Off My Lawn SP 2020

Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative, Singer Songwriter, Folk, Blues.

Get Off My Lawn FS 2020

Adult Album Alternative, Album Oriented Rock, Indie, Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, Dad Rock

Get Off My Lawn SP 2021