California Tunes EXTRA CHONKY Posted July 6, 2019, 5:54 p.m.

Posted By Mr. DJ Jon to Whose Show: Summer Reruns

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FIrst show since my California trip. Had a great time visiting family and Yosemite (tooo many people though). You know the deal if you've been reading this here are my coolio choice picks.

But I am going to try to get some chats with Chris Hauer (who's open to it but is touring atm) and Emperor X (he liked my tweet so we're in) so look forward to that.

**Choice Picks**

Eiichi Hayashi Trio + Solo -- Both Great SAX (No links maybe I'll upload to YT EYES)

The Magnetic Fields -- Tokyo a Go Go (Fun pop song and not from 69 love songs)

Suzanne Fox -- King Kong's Birthday Party (Cute songs somewhat gimmicky, blue dragon is really good though)

Mort Garson's Plantasia #Plantgang

Hit me up on Twitter for more cool recommendations (@WhoseShow). I have to get veggies now.

Suzanne Fox King Kong's Birthday Party Dragon Blue
The Magnetic Fields The Wayward Bus Tokyo A Go-Go
Chris Hauer Hum Horticulture
The Modern Lovers I, Jonathan Parties In The U.S.A.
Lou Reed And John Cale Songs For Drella Work
Ride Live Light Seagull
The Stone Roses Second Coming Daybreak
Yuragi Still Dreaming Still Deafening Unbreakable
Mort Garson Plantasia Plantasia
Mort Garson Plantasia Ode To The African Violet
Jóhann Jóhannsson The Mercy (Sountrack) Terra Firma
Jóhann Jóhannsson The Mercy (Sountrack) Into The Wide And Deep Uknown
Shukar Collective Urban Gypsy Do Baba
Yes Fragile Roundabout
Eiichi Hayashi, Kanji Nakao, Takerou Sekijima Photon ???? (Nadam)
Eiichi Hayashi Mazuru's Dream North East
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