Emperor X Interview (Hot MO) Posted July 20, 2019, 6:01 p.m.

Posted By Mr. DJ Jon to Whose Show: Summer Reruns

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Hi Everyone!

Here's the link to my interview with Chad Matheny aka Emperor X. He was a greater person to talk to and interview. He is a very interesting individual and singer/songwriter. Definitely the definition of Underrated.

Here's the link to the recording. Sorry for the quality I might look into doing more with it but this is the best I can do when I am on the ground.


Of course... here's the COVETED, SUPER OBJECTIVE, END ALL BE ALL Choice Picks for this week's show.

**Choice Picks**
Emperor X -- Everything He's Released Seriously

<-------------------------Power Gap------------------------->

Ultracherry Violet -- I Fall to Pieces
•A cool shoegaze/post-rock gem from Washington DC. Has the hardcore influence too making it a unique foray into. Only release by them unfortunately.

Diners -- "Three"
•Cute indie pop. Very short and to the point.

Telstar Drugs -- Sonatine
•I will keep on saying these guys are good until I get a copy of all their releases. (Which will probably be never RIP)

Grizzly Bear -- Yellow House
•The album from GB to first have Daniel Rossen. He's great and this album is great

Emperor X Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes Edgeless
The Sea And Cake Nassau The Cantina
Voyager One Monster Zero Wires
Ultracherry Violet I Fall To Pieces I'M Gonna Burn
Girlfriends Girlfriends Brobocop
Diners "Three" Laundromat Concern
Jacob Hutto The Guest House: A Scrapped And Palpable Tragedy Open Letters To Nicole Walker
Acetone If You Only Knew I Don't Really Care
Grizzly Bear Yellow House Colorado
Telstar Drugs Sonatine Soft Focus
Emperor X Nineteen Live Recording Compressor Repair
Built To Spill Perfect From Now On Made Up Dreams
Clear Horizon Clear Horizon Open Road
Hood The Cycle Of Days And Seasons Houses Tilting Towards The Sea
Crescent Collected Songs Star
Emperor X Western Teleport Erica Western Geiger Counter
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