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Posted By Mr. DJ Jon to Whose Show: Summer Reruns

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Hey everyone, so there is not a lot when it comes to interviews. I have been talking to some artists but I am taking it a little slow. I am still a graduate student after all >.>

A lot is here from mostly Lo-fi but there's shoegaze and "world" (mostly eastern European). But here's my choice picks for this week!! Good news, a lot of the bandcamp artists have pay-what-you want so there is a lot of good music for you to download (as well as stream prob). Bad news, Trasona five doesn't have all the tracks online so I put Estrogen blaster ????????????

*************Choice picks*************

Weatherday -- Comein
•A fun and loud lofi outing. It is similiar to Carseat Headrest but a bit noiser (My sputnik sweetheart is especially good :)

Emperor X -- Tectontic Membrane
•Cool dude and great music one of his earlier albums but still good

My Bloody Valentine -- Tremolo
•A Bahama sunset with goofy sampling of Balinda's vocals for Swallow (check out their EPs if you already haven't)

Bardo Pond -- Amanita
•These guys just keep releasing music in an already vast discography <>< - core

Come In Weatherday Come In
Sofa Grey Monotone
Lee Noble No Becoming Fantasy Hair
Emperor X Tecontic Membrane/Thin Strip On An Edgeless Platfo Bashling
Varsity Thanks For Nothing New Wave
My Bloody Valentine Tremolo Swallow
Hold Music The Infinite Sigh Six Four
Suicideoscope Suicideoscope Freudian Dreamslips
The Microphones Mount Eerie Universe
Turing Machine A New Machine For Living On Form And Growth
Hood Cabled Linear Traction Small Town Prejudice
Telstar Drugs Telstar Drugs Bowling
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth Music For Evenings
Crescent By The Roads And The Fields New Leaves
Trasona Five Duffle Bag See You Soon
Zzzaam Requiem #1 Song10
??????? [Auktyon] ????? ???, ??????
Vysoké ?Elo ?Rutazás Merch Erd? Ii
Bowery Electric Beat Black Light
Swirlies Blonder Tongue Audio Baton [Untitled]
Swirlies Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Bell
Weatherday Come In Porcelain Hands
Bardo Pond Amanita Be A Fish
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