Certified Surf Classic Posted Nov. 19, 2019, 2:17 p.m.

Posted By Lemon Drop Kid to Smoko

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The Growlers Are You In Or Are You Out? Acid Rain
Sadgirl Vol. One Lie Awake
Beach Goons Hoodratscumbags Vatos Tristes
Surf Curse Sad Boys Forever Dumb
Jurassic Shark Miracle Pacing Tigers
Mexican Slum Rats Slumrat Away
The Red Pears We Bring Anything To The Table Daylight/Moonlight
Skegss My Own Mess Stop
Hot Flash Heat Wave Neapolitan Gutter Girl
Pity Party (Girls Club) Girls Club Caroline
The High Curbs Weight Problems Nicole
Meth Wax Meth Wax Gravity Bong
Together Pangea Badillac Badillac
Wavves Afraid Of Heights Demon To Lean On
The Buttertones Midnight In A Moonless Dream Jungle
Vundabar Gawk Oulala
Jacuzzi Boys Ping Pong Lucky Blade
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