music to quarantine to Posted Aug. 30, 2020, 11:21 p.m.

Posted By Lemon Drop Kid to Smoko

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Balkans Balkans Flowers Everywhere
Wavves You're Welcome I Love You
Carpool Tunnel Drought Drought
Mini Dresses Collected Singles And Ep's Sad Eyes
Why These Coyotes Dance Around The Fire Dance Around The Fire
Rnie Figi Afterglow Units
Los Shadows Midnight Climax The Times
Cathedral Bells Velvet Spirit Ephemeral
The Grinns Golden Hour Don't Look Back
Austenyo Personova Personova
Carter Ace If It Don't Work If It Don't Work
Pro Teens Accidentally Feather Boy
Current Joys Wild Heart Blondie
Bedroom In My Head In My Head
Shrimp Doll Doll
Floral Sounds Winona Winona
Tv Girl Who Really Cares Cigarettes Out The Window
Been Stellar Fear Of Heights Fear Of Heights
Harmless I'M Sure Swing Lynn
Eyedress Jealous Jealous
Beach Bums Years Keepaneyeout
Shrimp This Body Means Nothing To Me This Body Means Nothing To Me
Current Joys Wild Heart New Flesh
Enjoy Deep Cuts (2011-2014) Give Me Something
Plums Jen Julia Gloria
Blonde Tongues Blonde Tongues Hey Good Lookin'
Horsebeach Horsebeach Faded Eyes
Acid Ghost I Don't Need You I Don't Need You
Breakup Shoes Unrequited Love (& Other Cliches) Brian Wilson Is My Dad
Sunbeam Sound Machine Goodness Gracious Talking Distance
Yot Club Bleach Beach Japan
Hibou Hibou Sunder
Eyedress Manila Ice Seperation Anxiety
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