Learnin' to Censor Posted Nov. 26, 2023, 11:45 p.m.

Posted By DJ Eclectic to Following the Dopamine Trail

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Riot Grrrl Sessions The 1st Session I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast
The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal Normal
Gee Tee Death Race Got No Head
Grlwood The Rent The Rent
Grlwood I Need To Get Off My Phone Who Dellivers The Mailmans Mail
Linneah Season's Greetings Season's Greetings
Miniature Tigers Fortress Lolita
Lund Broken Broken
Younger Hunger Elmer Elmer
Cheap Perfume Burn It Down It's Okay To Punch Nazis
Destructo Disk Punk Rocks For Kids Who Can't Skate Cops / Dogs
Be Your Own Pet Get Damaged Becky
Destroy Boys Sorry, Mom I Threw Glass At My Friend's Eyes And Now I'M On P
Slutever Almost Famous Maggot
Destructo Disk Punk Rocks For Kids Who Can't Skate I Wish I Was A Riot Grrrl
Happyhappy Little Blue Pill Little Blue Pill
Atarashii Gakko! Wakage Ga Itaru Koi Geba
Kimya Dawson Remember That I Love You Loose Lips
Sidney Gish Presumably Dead Arm (617 Sessions) Presumably Dead Arm (617 Sessions)
The Oozes Bitchboy Bitchboy
The Oozes Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Bitch And Animal Eternally Hard Boy Girl Wonder
The Neighborhood I Love You. Sweather Weather
Mother Mother O My Heart Body
Worriers Imaginary Life They / Them / Theirs
The Regrettes Feel Your Feelings Fool! Seashore
Gum Disease Gender Envy! Gender Envy!
Schmekel The Whale That Ate Jonah Genderqueer Love Song
Dream In Nails They/Them They/Them
Pansy Division Undressed Fem In A Black Jacket
She/Her/Hers Grrrl Angst Nvr Pass
She/Her/Hers Grrrl Angst Gender Is Boring
Murder Person For Hire I Thought I'D Be Dead By Now Chaotic Gender Neutral
Jamiroquai The Return Of Space Cowboy Space Cowboy
Art Project Art Project Gender Nightmare
Blue Foster I'Ll Teach You Every Move I Know Idk If Im A Boy
Ryan Cassata Rebels & Ghosts Gender Binary (Fuck You)
Scout The Wise I'M Not A Girl, I'M Not A Boy I'M Not A Girl, I'M Not A Boy
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