SEA SHANTIES Posted Dec. 10, 2017, 10:10 p.m.

Posted By DJ BlackHawk to The Madhouse

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Pride Of Bedlam Hoist The Colors
The Rum Fellows Blow The Man Down
Nelson's Shantymen Roll The Old Chariot
Stan Rogers Barrett's Privateers
Nils Brown Padstow Farewell
Charlotte Cumberbirch Spanish Ladies
The Fisherman's Friends The Coast Of High Barbary
Clayton Kennedy Goodbye, Fare-Ye-Well
Ian Giles The Bonny Ship The Diamond
Tommy Makem Blood Red Roses
Nils Brown Lowlands Away
Sean Dagher Here's A Health To The Company
Brian Gulland Sailing Over The Dogger Bank
Ian Giles Rolling Down To Old Maui
The Irish Rovers Haul Away Joe
The Clancy Brothers All For Me Grog
Shamrocks In The Wind The Bold Princess Royal
Stan Rogers The Mary Ellen Carter
Marstel Smaborgerlige Sangforening Bound For The Rio Grande
The X-Seamen's Institute Boney Was A Warrior
Sean Dagher Randy Dandy Oh
Michiel Schrey Whisky Johnny O'
Stan Rogers Northwest Passage
Sean Dagher Captain Ward
Seamus Kennedy Paddy Lay Back
Odenwalder Shanty Choir The Plains Of Mexico
The Irish Rovers Drunken Sailor
The Dubliners The Irish Rover
The Irish Rovers Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
The Kilkennys South Australia
The Dreadnoughts Eliza Lee
Santiano Blow Boys Blow
Slogmakane Sjantikor Aweigh Santy Ano
The Irish Rovers Star Of The County Down
Blackbeard's Tea Party Chicken On A Raft
Alestorm Back Through Time The Sunk'n Norwegian
Alestorm Black Sails At Midnight Keelhauled
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