2 a.m.

Airs Fridays

Hosted By DJ Pyro

Hip Hop, Indie Rock

DJ Pyro's Bonfire is a show that will focus on hip hop and indie rock with the occasional classic rock, indie pop, or metal song slipping in.

Last One Posted Dec. 6, 2019, 12:42 a.m.

Posted By DJ Pyro to Bonfire

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Still Woozy Goodie Bag Goodie Bag
Tones And I The Kids Are Coming Dance Monkey
The Walters Songs For Dads I Love You So
Foreign Air Free Animal Free Animal
Yellow Days How Can I Love You? How Can I Love You?
Vista Kicks Chasing Waves Marceline
Still Woozy Lava Lava
The Districts A Flourish And A Spoil Young Blood
The Growlers City Club City Club
Glass Animals Zaba Gooey
The Hails Stay Stay
Leoniden Again Kids
Andrew Bird My Finest Work Yet Sisyphus
Foster The People Style Worst Nites
Mystery Skulls Forever Paralyzed
Microwave Much Love Dull
Bronze Radio Return Come With Us Come With Us
The Glorious Sons Young Beauties And Fools My Poor Heart
Bryce Vine On The Bill On The Ball
Das Kope Kids In The Sky Kids In The Sky
Black Party Mango Bloom
Abhi The Nomad Marbled Sex N' Drugs
The Glorious Sons Young Beauties And Fools So Much Love To Give
Rainbow Kitten Surprise Rks Cocaine Jesus
Mystery Skulls Forever Ghost
Blackbear Deadroses Idfc
Stephen Sincerely Line It Up
Bryce Vine The Fall The Fall
Hippo Campus Landmark Buttercup
Mystery Skulls, Nile Rodgers, Brandy Forever Magic (Feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy)
Briston Maroney Carnival Freakin' Out On The Interstate
Foster The People Sacred Hearts Club Sit Next To Me
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