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Saturday is for The Dads Posted Nov. 30, 2019, 5:57 p.m.

Posted By Mr. DJ Jon to Whose Show is it Anyways

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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday / break. I spent some time with the family and had a good time. I definitely took a lot of time to relax (perhaps too much but oh well).

As a return to form, here are my coveted Choice Picks for this week.

******Choice Picks******

Belong - October Language
•Cool shoegaze / drone music. Their second album is a change of pace but is still enjoyable as well.

Chris Hauer - Hum
•Still one of my favorite albums from this year. Chris is really talented and I enjoy his music

Stereolab - Peng!
•Krautrock / Noise Rock / Shoegazing mix. Different than the latter stuff but still very enjoyable. One of my favorites in their extensive discography.

Pescado Rabioso - Artaud
•One of Luis Alberto Spinetta bands. Check this out and Almendra POR FAVOR.

7% Solution Gabriel's Waltz The End Of Faith
Roy Montgomery H: Bender Another David Lynch Thanks, No Ice
Eiafuawn Birds In The Ground On A Peoplemover
Stereolab Peng! Orgiastic
Bluetile Lounge Half-Cut Liner
Belong October Language October Language
Spacemen 3 The Perfect Prescription Walkin' With Jesus
Pescado Rabioso Artaud Cementerio Club
Belong Common Era Common Era
Bark Psychosis Codename: Dustsucker 400 Winters
Francesco Tristano Not For Piano Strings Of Life
The Cure Pornography One Hundred Years
Brian Eno Before And After Science King's Lead Hat
Quickspace Supersport Superplus Standard 8
Grizzly Bear Shields Half Gate
Roy Montgomery Suffuse Landfall
Acetone York Blvd Wonderful World
Chris Hauer Hum Toward
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