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Absolutely exposing my music taste

WIth erma Posted Aug. 7, 2022, 11:58 p.m.

Posted By DJ Terrapin to Out of the Shell

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Super Whatevr Good Luck Benjamin Alphabet
Afterglows The Afterglows Wash 2
Weatherday Come In Cut Lips
Surf Dads Denny's Ep Muscle Beach
Astronaut Samurais Teenage Outcast I'M A Ghost
The Soaks The Soaks Self Medicate
Super Lunch The Respiratory Olympics (Cigarettes Vs. Cereal) Captain
Oatmeal Virgin Energy Toothpaste
Beach Goons Boisad Anirak
Best Witches Jail Warped
Microwave Keeping Up Keeping Up
Modern Baseball Mobo Presents: The Perfect Cast Ep Feat Modern Bas The Waterboy Returns
R.A.P. Ferreira Purple Moonlight Pages Leaving Hell
Human People Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears Mood Swings
Nervous Dater Don't Be A Stranger Bad Spanish
Radiator Hospital Something Wild Our Song
The Sonder Bombs Modern Female Rockstar Twinkle Lights
Rozwell Kid Precious Art Wendy's Trash Can
Goth Babe Point Magu Car Camping
Worst Party Ever Anthology Trying Soda
Remo Drive Greatest Hits Art School
Fidlar Too Bad Habits
Mom Jeans. Best Buds Scott Pilgram Vs. My Gpa
Blue Foster Rick Murphy Nice Docs, Baby!
Oolong About Your Imaginary Friend Rick Murphy
Pup The Dream Is Over Dvp
Dino Gala Run It Back / Fire Escape Fire Escape
Snooze Snooze Pink Slip
Prince Daddy & The Hyena Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 420 Thrashville 2/3
Mccafferty Trailer Trash Trailer Trash
Jeff Rosenstock Post- 9/10
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