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Absolutely exposing my music taste

You cant tell me what to play >:( Posted June 19, 2022, 11:57 p.m.

Posted By DJ Terrapin to Out of the Shell

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Arcadia Grey Konami Code Godzilla 98' Sux!!!
Early Eyes Look Alive! Revel Berry
Playboy Manbaby Boundless Vanity I Love Myself
Gramma, In Liue In Liue // Gramma Split Mr. Preacher
Playboy Manbaby Don't Let It Be Cadillac Car
Gramma Supertrend Meat Baby
Shakey Graves Roll The Bones X Business Lunch
Who Boy Motel Motel
The Teeth You're My Lover Now Ball Of The Dead Rat
Deep Sea Peach Tree You And Mcgregor You And Mcgregor
Tigers Jaw I Won't Care How You Remember Me Lemon Mouth
Microwave Keeping Up Keeping Up
Tigers Jaw Tigers Jaw Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
Earl Sweatshirt Some Rap Songs Riot!
Sinai Vessel Profanity Cats
Mega Mango Boggle Boggle
Khaki Cuffs Khaki Cuffs Caffeine Cops
Knox Fortune Lil Thing Lil Thing
Good Game Don't Blow It Cheating The Nasa Space Physical
Evade From Flyday Chinatown Flyday Chinatown
Lone, The Ghost Yoyos Livin
Not A Clue Man, If You Want The Link, Text In Japanese Shtuff
Sea Ghost Sg Cowboy Hat
Radiator Hospital Something Wild Our Song
Amanar Music From Saharan Cellphone Alghafiat
Early Eyes Penelope Penelope
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