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your weekly digest of queer underground music! usually electronic/hyperpop but can also just be whatever i'm feeling

zoomercore S2E4: forgive me, i have drained Posted Sept. 18, 2022, 9:51 p.m.

Posted By gupp1 to zoomercore

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Jane Remover Frailty Your Clothes
Dj Re:Code, Bio, Mickelbach Recodepop! (Disc Ii) Just Like You
Lundy Not To Pop Your Bubble... Not To Pop Your Bubble...
Gemeo, Jedwill Twilight Twilight
Umru, Cecile Believe, Jane Remover Comfort Noise (Music Inspired By The Major Motion) Honest (Jane Remover Remix)
Cat.Flp Hello!!! Hello!!!
Cobra Roll Cloud Kingdom Altitude
Tracey Brakes Perfect To The Core Perfect To The Core
Blackwinterwells Gnarlethorne Gnarlethorne
Bladee Drain Story Drain Story
Injury Reserve By The Time I Get To Phoenix Wild Wild West
Body Meat Truck Music Nairobi Flex
Ecco2k E Security!
Yeat Talk Talk
Midwxst Back In Action 3.0 Infantry
Nader Khalil Nader Khalil 2 No Reason
Funeral Exit Life Exit Life
Blissom Beating Heart Beating Heart
Anem0s, Tigerstar Empty Nesters Empty Nesters
Dynastic I Know There's Something Left For You Lake City Quiet Pills
Dj Re:Code, Trndytrndy, Tracey Brakes, Dynastic Recodepop! (Disc Ii) Waltz
Kmoe Blisters Blisters
Underscores Fishmonger Where Did You Fall
Bladee, Ecco2k Crest White Meadow
Dynastic, Jedwill Rare Haunts, Pt I Lovely (Fire Away)
Torr Selfdestruct Selfdestruct
Six Impala All Nighter, Vol. 6 6fingerdeathpunch
Saoirse Dream, Daywaiter Honest Honest
Latency Test Tube Test Tube
Food House, Gupi, Fraxiom Food House Sole
Cake Pop, Dylan Brady, Ravenna Golden, Lewis Grant Cake Pop 2 Boom
Osquinn Drive-By Lullabies Change That
Underscores, Maxwell Young Fishmonger Del Mar County Fair 2008
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