Following the Dopamine Trail

8 a.m.

10 a.m.

Airs Tuesdays

Hosted By DJ Eclectic

Anything and everything that gives me that sweet, sweet dopamine high

Anything and everything that pleases me! Every show we start off with your daily dose of affirmations and tarot readings, then we get into whatever theme I spliced together for the week!
WK1 : Witchy Vibes
WK2 : Alice in Wonderland
WK3 : ----
WK4: -----
WK5: Affirmations
WK6: Electro Swing with Trainee Noelle
WK7: Dose Movie Songs
WK9: Spooky Sound Tracks
WK10: Spooky Stuffs
Nov. 22: No Shows

Last Show Posted Dec. 6, 2022, 10 a.m.

Posted By DJ Eclectic to Following the Dopamine Trail

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Moonlight Scorpio Mental Health Mental Health
Karmic This Is Karmic Higher Self
Moonlight Scorpio Pretty Girl Magic (Radio Edit) Pretty Girl Magic
Tyla Jane Energy Energy
Ni$H Nasty Ching Ching Money Tree Ching Ching Money Tree
Olivia O'Brien Was It Even Real? Love Myself
Sweet Thing Change Of Seasons Change Of Seasons
Taylor Swift Red (Taylor's Version) All Too Well
Ryan Adams 1989 Style
Florence + The Machine Ceremonials (Deluxe Edition) Leave My Body
Augustana Life Imitating Life Ash And Ember
Death Cab For Cutie Plans Your Heart Is An Empty Room
Yuna Decorate Coffee
For The Foxes The Revolution The Revolution
Spill Tab Splinter Splinter
Dennis Lloyd Nevermind Nevermind
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