Saturdays are for the Boys... and Anime / EDM Power Hour


2 p.m.

Airs Saturdays

Hosted By DJ Vibrant

Anime talk show, then EDM music for an hour and showcasing music I like

spooky music and halloween vibes Posted Oct. 29, 2022, 11:58 a.m.

Posted By DJ Vibrant to Saturdays are for the Boys... and Anime / EDM Power Hour

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Nano N Blackboard
All Off Re:Sound Riffon Boy
Amazarashi Sekai Shūsoku Ni Ichi Ichi Roku Kisetsu Wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku
Osterreich Inability Incompetent
Zutomayo Zanki Zanki
Yui Green Garden Pop Again
All Off Refrain Boy Refrain Boy - Tekina Remix
Romix Battle Front Square Garden Sugar Song And Bitter Step
Katharsis Tk From Long Tosite Sigure Katharsis
Radwimps Your Name Soundtrack Dream Lantern
All Off Never Gave Up Never Gave Up
Tobias Lilja Little Nightmares Six's Theme, Pt.Ii
Port Sulphur Band Hunt Showdown (Original Game Soundtrack) Rise Up Dead Man (Instrumental)
Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music Collection Family Secrets
Tally Hall Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum Hidden In The Sand
Miracle Musical Hawaii: Part Ii The Mind Electric
C418 Minecraft - Volume Beta Mellohi
Video Game Music Box Music Box Classics: Pokemon Lavender Town
Jym Pagel Ben Drowns Again (Original Score) Song Of Unhealing
Ryan Creep Melancholia Melancholia
Cev Aura Loading Loading
Rezz, Deathpact Certain Kind Of Magic Life & Death
Deathpact Danger Danger
Shadient Collider Collider
Rezz, Deathpact Kiss Of Death Kiss Of Death
K?D Find Paradise Tokyo
1788-L, Deathpact Malfunkt Malfunkt
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