Chilling in the Shade

10 p.m.


Airs Wednesdays

Hosted By Sweet Juic3

Rap, Hyperpop, & sometimes Pop

numbah 3 Posted Feb. 1, 2023, 10:38 p.m.

Posted By Sweet Juic3 to Chilling in the Shade

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Psychi Syn6 Doze God
Asteria Let You Down
Badmoodrude, Senses Don't Leave
City Morgue, Zillakami, Nascar Aloe City Morgue Vol 2 Acab
Killstation Extinction
Carlyhat, Scarycide Fury Road
Varg, Bladee, Escha, Ytem Shinie - Escha & Ytem Remix
Shed Theory, Harto Falion Rat
Ngeeyl Glock 19
Denzel Curry Melt My Eyez See Your Future Walkin
7xvn Ghost Story
Babytron Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament Genesis 1:1
Daine Sleepwalking
Kite Lifes Been Hell
Xavier Wulf Blood Shore Season 2 Psycho Pass
Streety, Ghost Mountain Coil
917 Rackz Sanctioned
100 Gecs, Laura Les, Dylan Brady 1000 Gecs Hand Crushed By A Mallet
100 Gecs, Laura Les, Dylan Brady 1000 Gecs 800 Db Cloud
49bags Fairytales
Ilylogan Floating Away
Dog Monster Drama Queen
Oakey, Days To Waste Dream Girl
Blxty Alive
Biteki, I'M Geist, Jpjp, Heylog Community, Vol. 2 Through The Veins, Through My Skin
Lil Narnia Wisteria Bloom
Vanete, Pink Cig Girls On Mars
Ilylogan Words_Frm The Dying
Biteki, Rouri404, I'M Geist Dead By Dawn
Emorave Deep End
Mario Judah Afraid Of Love
Sparr00w, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Rauch
5v I Rly Hate It Here..
Keyblade808 Morphine
Ice Spice Name Of Love
Capoxxo Monster
2hollis White Tiger King Of Darkness
Omar The Seraph, Vassi 20 Energy
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