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latest & greatest in underground queer music (and other stuff i like), mostly hyperpop, rap, indie and electronic

your weekly digest of queer underground music! usually hyperpop w/ some rap, indie rock, and electronic, but can also just be whatever i'm feeling that week. i try to play as much new music from the previous week as i can so there's always something new to check out every show! :)

zoomercore S3E6: we are so back Posted April 16, 2023, 9:33 p.m.

Posted By gupp1 to zoomercore

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Jane Remover Frailty Your Clothes
Leroy Dariacore 3 The Joke Is On You
100 Gecs 10,000 Gecs Dumbest Girl Alive New Music
Tracey Brakes, Dj Re:Code Back Off Back Off
Bladee Icedancer Be Nice 2 Me
Patrick O'Neill I Am Having So Much Fun Drawing Shapes (Catch Me If You Can)
Dynastic I Know There's Something Left For You No Romance
Daniboi, Cherryrizla Playpretend Playpretend
Blissom, Vai5000 Sticks And Rocks Sticks And Rocks
Osquinn Drive-By Lullabies From Paris, With Love
Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital, Bladee Trash Island Western Union
Eiburie Horrifica, P.1 (When The) Evil's Talk
Ilysm No Matter How I Look At It .. All The Things I Hate To Death
Leyton Aether Aether
Kmoe Crush Crush
Tracey Brakes Treehome Treehome
Vai5000, I9bonsai Replicant Replicant
Dj Re:Code, Left At London Recodepop! (Disc Ii) I Spy
8485 1:15 1:15
Torr Eel Acetone
Cvnvvn Wildflowers While Ye May
Body Meat Truck Music Nairobi Flex
Health, 100 Gecs Disco4 :: Part I Power Fantasy
Micah Callari Never Learned To Ride My Bike Stim! - In The Moment
100 Gecs 10,000 Gecs Frog On The Floor New Music
Patrick O'Neill I Am Having So Much Fun Wakeupburnfreeze
Blissom Misaligned Think With Your Lungs
Popstar Patch Afraid Of Myself Afraid Of Myself
8485, Fish Narc Plague Town Southview
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