Out of the Shell

10 p.m.


Airs Sundays

Hosted By DJ Terrapin

Midwest Emo, punk, funk, and grunge

Music of Varying Quality Posted Sept. 17, 2023, 11:56 p.m.

Posted By DJ Terrapin to Out of the Shell

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Foxing, Prince Daddy & The Hyena Rory Rory
The Front Bottoms Shindy Lonely Eyes
The Mellowells Shindy Coffee And The Weather
Pine Grove Skylight Easy Enough
Good Game Good Luck Have Fun Suppercollider? I Just Met Her
Daisy The Great All You Need Is Time Cry In The Mirror
Delta Sleep Younger Years Constant Dreamer
Origami Angel Somewhere City Escape Rope
Origami Angel Somewhere City The Title Track
Sissyfus You'll Find It In The End Lucille
Fail Better, Heal Faster Fail Better, Heal Faster Vermont
Whoisazar! Jump You Can Fly Jump You Can Fly
Lobby Boxer Lobby Boxer Cap'n Gown
Glass Beach The First Glass Beach Album Orchids
Mom Jeans. Best Buds Vape Nation
Oolong About Your Imaginary Friend Mount St. Mary
Pinegrove Alaska Alaska
Disco Witch Pottsfield Static Fuzz
All Under Heaven Collider Desperately Seeking Answers
Duster Stratosphere Inside Out
Glass Beach The First Glass Beach Album Dallas
The Backseat Lovers Waiting To Spill Snowbank Blues
Sports. Demon Daze Words That Rhyme With Different, Etc.
Dogleg Remember Alderaan? Star 67
Micheal Cera Palin I Dont Know How To Explain It Portrait Of A Woman On A Couch With Cats
Pictures Of Vernon Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 420 Camp Games 1.1
Furnsss Furnsss Do What I Want
Khaki Cuffs Khaki Cuffs Cool Cat Saves The Kids
Pup The Dream Is Over Dvp
Norma Tanega Walkin' My Cat Named Dog Your Dead
Radiator Hospital Radiator Hospital / Martha Night Out
Forests Sun Eat Moon Grave Party Tamego
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