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UNTIL NEXT YEAR... Posted Dec. 7, 2012, 9 p.m.

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Posted By "The Dude" Lebowski to New Music Show

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Code Orange Kids Love Is Love//Return To Dust Flower Mouth (The Leech) New Music
Major League Hard Feelings Pull Me Out New Music
Metz Dirty Shirt / Leave Me Out Dirty Shirt New Music
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie & The Infinte Sadness Deluxe 1979 New Music
Uv Race Racism Raw Balls New Music
Tv Snow Red I Will Dance New Music
Team Ghost Dead Film Star Dead Film Star New Music
Memory Tapes Grace/Confusion Neighborhood Watch New Music
The Emperors Of Wyoming The Emperors Of Wyoming Cornfield Palace New Music
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds We No Who U R We No Who U R New Music
Minnesota Beatle Project Minnesota Beatles Project Vol. 4 Baby's In Black New Music
The Everymen Baby, It's Cold Outside (Single) Baby, It's Cold Outside New Music
Babysitter Eye Talking Bout The New Generation New Music
Feedback Revival Hell & High Water Big Black Tooth New Music
Wild Yaks Million Years Blood And Wine New Music
The Little Ones Argonauts (Single) Argonauts New Music
Slugabed Wake Up (Single) Wake Up New Music
Lukid This Dog Can Swim (Single) This Dog Can Run New Music
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Octopus Kool Aid Celulas Hermosas New Music
Dr. Dog Wild Race Be The Void New Music
Indicator, Indicator Indicator, Indicator Ep My Love Don't Belong New Music
Pat Maine Doomsday Charades Doomsday Charades New Music
Eli Mardock Ne Sorrow Is Born Cut Me Open New Music
The Pharmacy Stoned & Alone Chinese Finger Trap New Music
Bondax Baby I Got That (Single) Baby I Got That New Music
Kris Menace Hide (Single) Hide (Short Cut) New Music
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