Quick Reviews by Ethan

The Vita Ruins - A Day Without a Name

Electro-pop, indie. This is a relatively dark album with an atmospheric feel to it. Though the album has its moments, the energy level and the dynamic range remains limited. Not to say it’s a bad album, some of it reminds me of Muse’s older work, but just less interesting.

Still, check it out. You might find exactly what you are looking for.

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Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent

Before I say anything about the music, I need to warn you that you should check the lyrics when you consider playing this album. Most of the tracks are questionable or unplayable on-air. With that out of the way, the album is pretty entertaining. The album features many accompanying artists (including Tommy Chong and Fiona Apple) with some pretty funny lyrics. Definitely worth a listen.

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Toussaint – Black Gold

Reggae. Now this is a really refreshing album to come into the station. Very traditional, old school reggae mix with some modern soul, R&B. Highly recommended that you check this album out.   

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