We got some good stuff this week, here’s my thoughts:

Pick of the Week: Robyn Dell’Unto I’m Here Every Night
- I’m a sucker for good female vocals, and Robyn Dell’Unto’s soft croon caught my attention. She’s got the sound of your classic indie chick and the quirk to compliment it. I really dug the adorable “Just a Bird” and “Be My”

Dot Dot Dot- II- I like this album because it seems to bridge the gap between modern rock and indie rock. The songs are catchy and upbeat. I recommend “Walking in a Straight Line” and “Stay”

The Hush Now- Shiver Me Starships- Indie pop isn’t really an original concept, but The Hush Now manages to put out a few good tracks such as “Daedalus Bound” and my personal favorite, “Vietnam Giraffe”.

Chromeo- Business Casual- If you liked Fancy Footwork, you will definitely enjoy the funky fresh tracks on this album. If you’re not familiar with their previous stuff, note that it’s high-quality “electrofunk” and make sure to check out the single “Night by Night” , “I’m Not Contagious” and “When the Night Falls”

Amusement Parks on Fire- Road Eyes- I put in this album and immediately wondered if Siversun Pickups had started a side project. The vocals on this album are nearly identical to the Pickups but certain tracks are much more ambient and ethereal. Worth giving a listen, especially “Road Eyes.”

Underworld- Barking- This group’s been around for around 30 years and still manage to put out a modern electro sound.  “Always Loved a Film” makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a club scene.

Aaron Thompson- Aaron Thompson- To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised with this album. Thompson puts an emphasis on the music by using subtle vocals and maintains a good balance between acoustics and electronic components. It made me feel relaxed and although it has a folksy sound on certain tracks (which everyone seems to be doing these days), it doesn’t seem forced. Check out “Bethany Lane” and “Solitude”

So guys, what do you think? Send me a review of some new music and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll reward you at the next station meeting.



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