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Last Show for Fall 2011 Posted Dec. 9, 2011, 2 a.m.

Posted By Zoe to Hope in The Air

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Hope everyone who listens enjoyed. It has been a great semester. Tune in again next semester.

Peter Bjorn And John Living Thing The Feeling
Of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins Oslo In The Summertime
Pepper Rabbit Red Velvet Snowball Rose Mary Stretch New Music
Delay Trees Delay Trees Tarantula / Holding On
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins Diamond Trees Bubble
Little Scream The Golden Record Guyegaros
Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes Ep Hold On
The Dead Weather Horehound So Far From Your Weapon
Land Of Talk Fun And Laughter May You Never
The Submarines Honeysuckle Weeks 1940
Zoe Boekbinder Darling Specimens Make A Mess New Music
Tune-Yards W H O K I L L Killa
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down Know Better Learn Faster Easy
Beats Antique Blind Threshold Egyptic
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Last Show! Posted Dec. 8, 2011, 6:39 p.m.

Posted By Ben Hank to Eskimo Siblings

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Thrice The Alchemy Index Vols I & Ii The Whaler
Thrice Major/Minor Promises
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Sunspots
Jesu Ascension Birth Day
White Zombie Astro-Creep: 2000 I, Zombie
Mastodon The Hunter Spectrelight New Music
Deftones Deftones Minerva
Giant Squid Cenotes Cenotes ((Troglocambarus Maclanei)
Rosetta A Determinism Of Morality Revolve
Russian Circles Empros 309
Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders Cafo
Animals As Leaders Weightless To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question
Callisto Providence Covenant Colours
East Of The Wall The Apologist Linear Failure
Mastodon Blood Mountain Sleeping Giant
Mastodon Leviathan Aqua Dementia
Behold... The Arctopus Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning Estrogen-Pathogen Exchange Program
Sikth Death Of A Dead Day Summer Rain
Intronaut Prehistoricisms The Literal Black Cloud
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Its About to go Down Posted Dec. 8, 2011, 9:58 a.m.

Posted By Toni Knar

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Taio Cruz Dynamite
Jason Derulo Ridin' Solo
Pitbull Hotel Room Service
Drake Headlines
David Guetta Little Bad Girl
Lmfao Sexy And I Know It
3oh!3 My First Kiss
Ke$Ha Blow
Katy Perry Peacock
J. Cole Workout
Lady Gaga Marry The Night
Britney Spears Criminal
Akon Ft. Michael Jackson Hold My Hand
Afrojack Take Over Control
Amy Winehouse Valerie
Black Eyed Peas Let's Get It Started
Cee Lo Green Crazy
Chris Brown Run It
Pitbull Ft. Mark Anthony Rain Over Me
Hot Chelle Rae Tonight Tonight
Knaan Abc's
Young Money Bedrock
Joe Budden Pump It Up
Destiny's Child Jumpin Jumpin
Lupe Fiasco Lasers The Show Goes On
Eve Tamborine
Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera Move Like Jagger
Neon Trees Animal
Pink Raise Your Glass
Hannah Montana Pumping Up The Party Now
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Eastern Voodoo Posted Dec. 8, 2011, 1:25 a.m.

Posted By Katie Machine

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Went to dust off the ancient volumes of eastern European lore, to bring you a playlist overflowing with wicked accordion and screaming violin... and lots of vowels, with umlauts on them. Rroma, Tzigane gypsy, klezmer, and a hint of vaudeville jazz in there for your overworked brain on undead week. Smells like... grease paint, sugar and sweat, burning under the stage lights. I encourage all of you to break out the top hat and the rupee covered tribal scarves, and feel this with me. Dripping with culture. Love it.

Gogol Bordello Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony Haltura
Rhapsodija Trio Poetical Roentgen Kabinet Le Quattro Stagioni L'Estate Il Cuculo
David Grisman 100% Handmade Music Vol. 6 Costumi Siciliani
Devotchka A Mad And Faithful Telling Head Honcho
Kroke East Meets East Kazimierz
Kaizers Orchestra Evig Pint Djevelens Orkester
Devotchka How It Ends Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of...)
Tuomari Nurmio Luuta Ja Nahkaa Kuu Kulkee Hiljaa
Gogol Bordello Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony Baro Foro
Hans Zimmer Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before
Circus Contraption Grand American Traveling Dime Museum Charmed, I'M Sure
Tom Waits Blood Money Misery Is The River Of The World
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot Hell
Circus Contraption The Half-Wit's Descent We Are All Mad
Movits! Appelknyckarjazz Appelknyckarjazz
Beirut Gulag Orkestar Bratislava
A Hawk And A Hacksaw A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangar Ensemble Serbian Cocek
David Grisman 100% Handmade Music Vol. 6 Anniversary Waltz
Rhapsodija Trio Poetical Roentgen Kabinet Svabodnik Staliki
Kroke Sounds Of The Vanishing World Time
A Hawk And A Hacksaw Darkness At Noon The Moon Under Water
Tuomari Nurmio Karaokekuningas Yksi Pieni Sydan
Beirut The Flying Club Cup St. Apollonia
Alamaailman Vasarat Kaarmalautakunta Hamarapuolella
Tom Waits Real Gone How It's Gonna End
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THE DEATH OF THE LIMIT Posted Dec. 8, 2011, 12:03 a.m.

Posted By Mogli to The Limit As X->0 of ((Metal^3)!)/X

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Aversion Fall From Grace Heretic
Between The Buried And Me Colors Ants Of The Sky
Death Symbolic 1000 Eyes
Nile In Their Darkend Shrines Unas Slayer Of The Gods
Mental Home Black Art Into The Realms Of Marena
Cloudkicker The Map Is Not The Territory The Map Is Not The Territory
Cryptopsy Whisper Supremacy White Worms
Entombed Left Hand Path Drowned
Megadeth Th1rt3en Public Enemy No. 1 New Music
Napalm Death/Coalesce In Tongues We Speak A Safe Place (Coalesce)
Napalm Death Napalm Death & At The Gates: Cursed To Tour The Dying
Burn The Priest Burn The Priest Chronic Auditory Hallucination
Gojira From Mars To Sirius From The Sky
Austrian Death Machine A Very Brutal Christmas Jingle Bells
The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma Miscarriage
Capsule Blue Determinal
Coalesce Functioning On Impatience My Love For Extremes
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli The Heretic Hammer
Direwolf Beyond The Lands Of Human Existence The Prophet Failed Pt. 2 - Lamentation
Frightmare Bringing Back The Bloodshed Barbecuetioner
Gorod Neurotripsicks Smoked Skulls
Job For A Cowboy Doom Entities
Pig Destoryer Phantom Limb Jupiter's Eye
Spawn Of Possession Noctambulant Solemn They Wait
System Of A Down Toxicity Jet Pilot
Kylesa Kylesa Ceaseless Becoming
Ion Dissonance Solace Play Dead... And I'Ll Play Along
Stravinsky Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky The Firebird
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