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teen angst! Posted Sept. 7, 2023, 4:55 p.m.

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Basement I Wish I Could Stay Here Earl Grey
Citizen Youth Figure You Out
Turnover Split No Sun
Title Fight Floral Green Head In The Ceiling Fan
Microwave Split But Not Often,
Movements No Good Left To Give (B-Side) Panic
Glocca Morra Just Married Hot & Informed
Ovlov Tru The Best Of You
Modern Color From The Leaves Of Your Garden Pale
Happy Diving Big World Big World
Stay Inside Viewing Ivy
Dangers The Bend In The Break Loose Cigarettes
Born Without Bones Baby Rough Terrain
Belmont Between You & Me 731
Anxious Little Green House Call From You
Nothing Tired Of Tomorrow (Deluxe Version) Eaten By Worms
Doucette Mama Let Him Play Mama Let Him Play
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