the jungle

11 a.m.


Airs Fridays

Hosted By MC Monke

country. rock, hiphop, and blues

Posted Sept. 8, 2023, 11:56 a.m.

Posted By MC Monke to the jungle

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Title Fight Floral Green Head In The Ceiling Fan
Basement Colourmeinkindness Covet
Superheaven Ours Is Chrome I'Ve Been Bored
Julie Pushing Daises Daisy Pusher
Leaving Time Slip Slip
Superheaven Jar Sponge
Whirr & Nothing Whirr & Nothing (Split Version) Chloroform
Narrow Head 12th House Rock Nodding Off
Fleshwater We're Not Here To Be Loved Woohoo
Ovlov Am Blue Baby
Nothing Tired Of Tomorrow (Deluxe Version) A.C.D.
Title Fight Shed Safe In Your Skin
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