License to Chill

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7 p.m.

Airs Saturdays

Hosted By Feline Fine

Genres like Prog rock and New wave

Week 3 - Post Valintines uwu Posted Feb. 17, 2024, 6:42 p.m.

Posted By Feline Fine to License to Chill

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Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney License To Chill License To Chill
Noah Floersch Ghost Of Chicago Ghost Of Chicago
Jim Croce I Got A Name Lover's Cross
Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret Tainted Love
They Might Be Giants Apollo 18 Narrow Your Eyes
Louie Zong, Brian David Gilbert Breezy Slide Breezy Slide
Ginger Root City Slicker Loretta
The Kinks Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Pt. 1 Lola
The White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl Fell In Love With A Girl
Twrp Guardians Of The Zone Makin' A Move
The Cars The Cars Just What I Needed
Wabie Cyclones And Hey Lover Hey Lover!
Junko Ohashi Tasogare I Love You So
Grover Washington Jr., Bill Withers Anthology Just The Two Of Us
The Avalanches Cowboy Bebop (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tank!
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