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We still have these awesome shirts avaliable for $8 each! Since it will be such a nice day tomorrow, we will be hosting a tie-dye booth Monday from 3:30-5:30pm at KMNR!
This design celebrates both KMNR’s 50th Anniversary this year and is on the back of our 106th St. Pat’s sweatshirts. Come out and celebrate the St. Pat’s with a proper tie-dyed shirt! Don’t worry we have a lot of green dye!

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St. Pat’s has begun only 5 DAZE until the 106th Annual Best Ever St. Pats! Congratulations to the 106th Court. KMNR is looking forward to celebrating this wonderful time of year with you, come out Saturday night to Fat Cats 19th Hole Lounge and celebrate the last night of Pats in style.
Also on Wednesday, alumni DJ Naji will be taking over the airwaves to do his second annual Century Club. Check out the event and let him know if your organization has a song they want to hear!

**While many events with St. Pats involving drinking, KMNR does not support the abuse of alcohol. Please enjoy this time with your friends in a safe and responsible way!**

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Great picture today of our awesome roadshow team, if you missed us today, don’t worry we will be back providing music and sound for the Follies next week. #6DAZE
Tune in to KMNR now to catch the end of the New Music show and then the Request show 9-midnight!!!

Photos of KMNR 89.7 FM
KMNR guys out doing their thing this weekend on campus!

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We are proud to have such a professional and thorough political talk show on KMNR, entitled “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” with hosts, Pfunque and April. Tune in Now, and every Thursday from 8:00-10:00am for a free-format perspective on all issues local and abroad. Listen online at, and join the discussion by calling 504-656-6735.

Today’s guest: Dada Maheshvarananda, director of the Prout Research Insitute of Venezuela

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KMNR made it into The Missouri Miner last week, get your copy, before the new issue comes out tomorrow. Thanks to The Miner and features writer, Grace Deitzler for the article!

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We can’t wait for the St. Pat’s Concert this year! Not only did Pat’s Board get you MUTEMATH as the headliner, but we are proud to announce that Rolla’s very own Moon jr will be opening for them. This will be the day after they release their new album, I know we can’t wait to see what both bands have in store for this show, tell your friends to come enjoy the fun!

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