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Tune in for our weekly artist feature tomorrow 5-8 pm with our very own Voyager as he showcases The Beatles!⠀

The Beatles are four boys from Liverpool whose impact on western music and culture is immeasurable. Their style and personas aligned with what made the 60’s a time to many remember: a time of social consciousness and change. From their beginnings as a mop-topped, love song-singing boy band to their eventual shift into the titans of music world that we know them as today, The Beatles left a measurable impact on the world. As Mikhail Gorbachev - former President of the Soviet Union - said, “More than any ideology, more than any religion, more than Vietnam or any war or nuclear bomb, the single most important reason for the diffusion of the Cold War was … the Beatles.” — view on Instagram

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Tune in Wednesday 6-8 pm for DJ Artemis’ artist feature on The Killers! ⠀

“The Killers are a four-man American rock band from Las Vegas, heavily influenced by the new wave and post-punk sound. Formed in 2001, the band’s five studio albums have all reached no. 1 on UK Album charts, and they’ve sold over 28 million albums.” — view on Instagram

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Congratulations to the KMNR IM Basketball team for a great season! And thanks to the DJ’s and fans who came to support them. — view on Instagram

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Tune in tonight, 6-8 pm, for DJ Mushroom’s artist feature on San Holo!⠀

“San Holo is a Dutch electronic and trap artist who specializes in future bass. His first big hit was his Dr. Dre - The Next Episode remix with over 6M views on YouTube. He dropped a new album, album1, 2 years ago which showcased his progression from trap to future bass. It was also around this time that he created bitbird, a record label for talented electronic artists like himself.” — view on Instagram

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Last night, our new trainees got paired with trainers!! We wish you guys a great rest of the semester. Pictured here is the “Juic3” Family. ❤️ //
For those who don’t know, a trainer is a mentor for upcoming new DJs at KMNR. They teach them how to play music, how to log and play programming, and how to talk on air (along with many other things)! By the end of the semester, trainees will be ready to host a show all on their own. They’ll also be able to pick their DJ name. //
Stay tuned for New DJ Introductions at the end of the semester!! — view on Instagram

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Tune in again for our weekly artist feature with DJ Icarus, Wednesday 6-8 pm, on EDEN! ⠀

“EDEN (Jonathon Ng) is an Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and model. Ng’s work under his past alias, The Eden Project, typically featured more conventional styles of electronic dance music such as dubstep and drum and bass, while EDEN saw him venture into a more indie pop style.” — view on Instagram

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