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So this happened last night…..

Who are your favorite music artist cameos in a tv show?

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Engineering: We've Gone Live!

Finally, officially, after years of preparation by our team of student engineers, KMNR is officially broadcast from our new transmitter site with an increased effective radiated power of 1.85 kilowatts. To me, this has only be an attainable project for about a year, but for our past engineers I hope this project coming to fruition gives them a great sense of achievement and a feather in their cap, whatever they might be doing now. 

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This Day in Music - 1975: A new world record was set for continuous guitar string plucking by Steve Anderson who played for 114 hours 17 minutes.


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Ladies and gentlemen, KMNR’s fall concert/event/party, FREAKER’S BALL! Come get your freak on, and listen to live music with your DJ friends at KMNR 89.7 FM!

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