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New Music This Week

It has been sooo long since we have posted. This week I was inspired by some great albums that came in.

The one I want to gush over is the Limited Release EP by Bear Cub.

Bear Cub

This band consists of pop-punk vocals and folk-y instrumentation. If someone were to say that to me, I would ask “How does that work?” but it does. The lyrics are full of emotion, and every song tells a story. I have never heard such a strong fulfillment of every musical criterion. I tend to look for melodic vocals/instrumentation and interesting lyrics, and Bear Cub goes above and beyond. I can’t describe how well the songs penetrate an audience’s awareness. You immediately feel the lyrics. I’ve seriously listened to this album three entire times. I enjoy the song “Central Time,” track 6 on this EP.

Another CD that caught my ear is It’s a Corporate World by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

They sound kind of old school indie. I liked the first track, “Morning Thought.” The music is kinda slow, but the entire album is pretty good.

Cults - Cults.

Cults album art

Another nostalgic sound, but more than with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The female vocalist is versatile in her singing style throughout the different tracks. I love the upbeat and diverse nature of this album. I would suggest “Never Heal Myself.”

I think that’s all I have in me for now. I hope that you get a lot out of these albums.

Until next time!


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Masquerave 2011

Are you ready for the biggest, baddest, most insane dance party of the entire school year? Hope so, because Masquerave is coming to rock your world, whether you’re ready or not!

Your friends at KMNR 89.7 fm have been working hard to bring you the ultimate reason to stay in Rolla on Good Friday. This year we’re pulling out all the stops to make this the most unforgettable night of the semester! This is a real rave - we’ve got big lights, big sound, and some of St. Louis’ finest DJ’s:

-DJ Pluto will be funkin it up with some Tech-house and Electro-house…
-Faces will surely melt to the Dark Techno of Matt Beatz…
-and you’ll be bumpin the rest of the night to D-Caf’s Bassline mixes: Check out 

- April 22nd: Doors @ 8:30pm, Show @ 9:00pm
- Free Entry
- Free Shuttles from Havener starting at 8:30, running every ~20 min
- Cash Bar for ages 21+ and free bottled water
- Tee shirts $2 with above design

This is the BEST way to celebrate the end of the year! All of your friends will be there, so grab a mask and join us for Masquerave 2011!

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Wiz vs. Del

Del the Funky Homosapien- Golden Era - This is hip-hop without the gimmicks, without the awful sampling of popular 80’s pop songs, and with the brains it takes to make a good track. Del is the guy who gave the Gorillaz’ hit “Clint Eastwood” its psychotic charm, and continues to keep the integrity of his business. The influence from artists like Ice Cube (Del’s cousin), the rest of NWA, and Wu-Tang Clan is extremely apparent, so RIYL any of these guys. Check out “Calculate,” “One Out of A Million,” and “Break the Banx.”

Wiz Khalifa-Rolling Papers- Wiz brings in the current age of hip-hop, which is less-inspired than Del’s album, but has more of a production behind it. This album is perfect for a club: danceable, lyrics you don’t have to think about, and repetitive choruses you can’t forget. I’d say stick with the single “Black and Yellow” and “Roll Out.” RIYL Kid Cudi, Drake

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Revenge of the 90's Indie!

Obits - Moody, Standard & Poor

Obits is a “veteran” indie rock band, featuring band members from Hot Snakes, Pitchfork, Edsel, and (one of my personal favorites), Drive Like Jehu. Their sophomore effort, Moody, Standard & Poor improves upon their debut album, I Blame You. I Blame You had catchy songs, but the production was somewhat lacking. On MS&P, though, Obits have beefed up their sound and have turned out a great garage-rock album. Influenced by punk old-school punk, surf rock, and other genres, MS&P is varied enough to keep the listener interested. Rick Froberg’s guitar antics aren’t as crazy as in Drive Like Jehu, but they still suit the songs. Recommended if you like garage rock or punk.

J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why

On his first studio album, J Mascis drops most of what has made him an underground icon in Dinosaur Jr (loud guitars, squealy solos, the effects pedal), and instead focuses on his songwriting with a mostly acoustic album. There are still a couple songs that feature his trademarks (Is It Done features an electric guitar solo), but most of the songs are J Mascis with an acoustic guitar and a few friends to back him up. Fans of Dinosaur Jr will not be surprised that J Mascis is still a great songwriter. This might be his most sincerely emotional album yet. There isn’t much in the way of blistering energy, but the songwriting is definitely enough to make up for it. Recommended if you like anything J Mascis has been involved in.


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"Method reviewing: Become the album. Live as an LP for a year before you write about it. The same sort of romances, break ups & downs, etc." -Damien Jurado (discovered by Margot the Red)

The Sounds- Something to Die For- New Wave electro rock with a female lead who conveys a punk rock attitude. This album is a bit of a throwback to late 80s-early 90s rock, and a nice alternative to the softer indie rock currently trending. Check out “Better Off Dead,” “It’s So Easy,” and “Something to Die For.” RIYL: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie

The Strokes - Angles- This album has been in the works for two years, and the end result is damn good. The guitar riffs are modern and catchy, and Julian Casablancas’ vocals are the standard for indie rock. “Machu Picchu” is an awesome start and songs like “Two Kinds of Happiness” and “Taken For a Fool” keep up the pace. RIYL: Arcade Fire, The Killers, Phoenix

Austra- Beat and Pulse- An interesting mix of synthesizers and female vocals reminiscent of Florence Welch or Deborah Harry. It’s got a darker more ethereal sound, so RIYL Depeche Mode, Amy Lee.

Shinobi Ninja- Rock Hood - An interesting mix of hip-hop, rock, and pop that provides a wide range of perspectives coming from a bunch of different music producers. “Brooklyn to Babylon”is probably my favorite on the album, as more of a hip-hop track. Around track 5 it turns into a hard rock album with hip-hop sampling until “Black Dreams” where it brings a rock-backed reggae. It’s kind of like going to six concerts playing at once in the same venue. Figure it out.

Lykke Li- Wounded Rhymes - A retro sound reminiscent of the 60’s with echo-y vocals and plenty of earthy percussion. The sound goes from “I Follow Rivers,” a well-produced track with a memorable chorus to “Unrequited Love,” which fits into classic country. RIYL: Duffy, Dusty Springfield

The Joy Formidable- The Big Roar- Grungy arena rock perfect for listening to while driving around with your windows down. “Don’t Want to See You Like This” brings in a whole lot of power and is quickly followed by “Austere” which also commands your attention. The album then turns to an empowered ballad, “A Heavy Abacus.” I was really impressed with the quality of the album and the ferocity each song brings in, so I recommend you check it out. RIYL: Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies

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Injured Ninja Vs. Skylazer

I know that I’ve been MIA with the whole album review thing. That is because, honestly, I felt like I could never do a proper review of the music coming in. After listening to each album in the past I felt like I had nothing to offer because the music didn’t move me, it didn’t make me think, and I was left with nothing to write about.

With that said, After listening to Injured Ninjas’ album, I felt like It was my duty to write a review because it is one of the best albums to come into the station in a while.
Though, I’m warning you now, the album very heavy on the experimentation, dissonant chords, in-audible vocals, and abrasive electronics and something like that can be hard to swallow for those who are new to it. For those who are intrigued though, will find that album remains interesting and fresh from start to finish. Every song on the album features some new ideas and sounds that keep me listening. I know that experimental rock isn’t for everyone but i would highly recommend this album to anyone looking an awesome album.  

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