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Thanks to Mr. Jackson-

Mumford & Sons - Sigh no more: Upbeat, Thoughful Folk song sung by
English indie group. Songs that make you feel sad, but are decisively
beautiful and great to listen to. Track 13 is the radio cut of the

Jukebox The Ghost - Everything Under the Sun: Indie Piano-Driven Pop
with catchy lyrics. Their first effort “Live & Let Ghost” was filled
with catchy, creative songs with great lyrics. The quality is still
there this time, but draws much more from similar artists like Ben

The Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea: Technically released this summer (This
one is already back in the library), The Glitch Mob is excellent
instrumental (save for a few songs) electronic. They have a lot of
great remixes on their website. Check out the track “The Shortest
Distance Between 2 Points”

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Alrighty, so to get things started, here are some of the cds I’ve been getting into this week:

Jammer- “Jahmanji”- Came out in the end of July but it’s definitely worth taking a listen. It’s more of a dance album, with reggae, hip-hop, and electronic mixed between tracks, and the guy has a sweet British accent. I recommend track #11- Party Animal

Jenny and Johnny-“I’m Having Fun Now”- Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley and her boyfriend Jonathon Rice have come together to produce a softer rock album with a few pretty good tracks. I like “Scissor Runner” and “Big Wave”

The Deep Fried 5-“Saturday Night Funk Sunday Morning Soul”- A great album for those who dig the classic funk music, i.e. The Average White Band, Parliament Funkadelic, etc.

Bess Rogers- “Bess Rogers Presents Bess Rogers”- EP from new artist Bess Rogers. It’s got a slower sort of pop feel, but the tracks are worth giving a listen. RIYL Missy Higgins¬†

Sara Radle-“Four”-Similar to the above, this album’s got a pop-rock feel with a few pretty good tracks. I like “Fooling Nobody”

That’s all I got fo’ now. Check back and I’ll have more for you. And don’t forget to send your thoughts on new albums to


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Hey There

Welcome to KMNR’s New Music Blog. From here on out, this will be the place you can go to see what your fellow djs think about KMNR’s newest music. In the near future, we’re going to try and get errybody’s opinions, but for now, if you want to voice your opinion on some new tracks, send us an e-mail at and we’ll make sure to incorporate your thoughts into the blog flow.


Your KMNR Music Team

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