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Trainees! We want trainees!! Our amazing DJ’s have been bumping tunes and passing out applications on campus, but if you missed them you can pick one up at the station, submit it, and sign up for an interview slot before the deadline this Sunday or until we run out of slots. — view on Instagram

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Tune in Wednesday 6-8 pm for our LAST weekly artist feature this semester on Snarky Puppy with MC Reverend!⠀

“Snarky Puppy is one of the most prolific and influential jazz-fusion groups of the past two decades. They seamlessly combine a deep respect for music tradition and an innovative, collaborative spirit to create raw compositions enjoyed by the most critical and carefree audience members.” — view on Instagram

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Tune in Wednesday 6-8 pm for our weekly artist feature on The Vaughns with DJ Clementine!⠀
“The Vaughns are an up-and-coming 4-piece indie rock/pop band from New Jersey with a laid back and optimistic sound. Fronted by Anna Lies, the band crafts heartfelt and energetic tunes that’ll stay in your head for days.” — view on Instagram

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Tune in Wednesday 6-8 pm for this week’s artist feature with The Cube:⠀

SOPHIE is a forward thinking pop and electronic music producer and artist. Her style contains many signature sounds including bright synths, rubbery basses, heavily modified vocals, and hard-hitting percussion. Tune in to hear two hours of SOPHIE, including songs from her own releases, her productions for other artists, features and remixes. — view on Instagram

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This Wednesday, from 6p-8p, tune in to KMNR for this week’s artist feature:

Conor Oberst is best known for his work leading the band Bright Eyes, a staple for moody makeout sessions and serious Millenial philosophers alike. Conor’s poetic lyrics are keen, cynical, and sometimes saccharine. Released independently through their label, Saddle Creek, Bright Eyes have been described as alternativecountry, emo, and just plain terrible.

Last seen promoting their album “The People’s Key” alongside The Mountain Goats in 2011, Bright Eyes has since disbanded. Matthew Oberst, Conor’s brother and business partner, was a Montessori teacher who “basically drank himself to death” in 2016 at 42 years old. Conor Oberst continues to release solo work, and participates in several musical groups. — view on Instagram

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Freaker’s Ball Lineup Feature:⠀

The Wild and Free⠀

The Wild and Free is an up and coming pop/rock band out of St. Louis, Missouri. A result of a studio experiment between like-minded musicians, their debut EP, “Sugar High”, showcases powerful vocal hooks, big grooving drum beats, and a perfect blend of rock guitar and modern dance synths. They are currently working on their LP that will be out later this Fall 2019. — view on Instagram

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