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TUNE IN this Wednesday from 6-8 pm with The Goose for a very special Blood Orange artist feature! Find out what gives Dev Hynes the inspiration for his eclectic, soulful music. Jam along with your friends and let the sound move you! — view on Instagram

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You know what it is! Dress up for our costume contest for a chance to win cool prizes. Lineup details coming soon — view on Instagram

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Here’s where all the magic of KMNR happens! After audio is sent from the station to the transmitter site, the signal is decoded and sent into the transmitter pictured here. The transmitter by itself has a pretty weak output, so the larger box at the bottom amplifies the power it generates to make the audio suitable for the radio. After this, the amplified signal travels to the antenna at the top of TJ and gets broadcast as a radio wave for everyone in the Rolla area to listen in at 89.7FM! — view on Instagram

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Come out to Sidney’s 707 Club THIS Thursday, October 10th 9 pm - 1 am to enjoy Tunes & Trulys with our very own DJ, Toaster! All music request donations to benefit the Rolla Animal Shelter. — view on Instagram

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DJ Bamboo invites you to discover emotion, access random memories, and become human with the Daft Punk artist feature. Come enjoy a look into the timeline of one of the most influential electronic groups in history, from their start in French discotheques to their Album of the Year winning showstoppers as well as collabs and live recordings. The Daft Punk artist feature airs tomorrow at 6, harder, better, faster, and stronger than ever before. — view on Instagram

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TICKET GIVEAWAY! We are giving tickets away for the Dorian Electra concert for October 5th in Kansas City at the Stray Cat. MESSAGE US NOW for a chance to get some tickets!! ???????? don’t miss this chance to see them perform live! — view on Instagram

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