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Tonight DJ Raziki Slice will ne having a Double Artist Feature of Spazzkid & Giraffage who will be having a show tomorrow night in St. Louis! Tune in from 6-8 for a chance to win a signed copy of Spazzkids CD, Promise!

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Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into the KMNR trainee program this semester:

Alex Richter
Cassie Hurley
Daniel Sloan
Erin Bereyso
Jared Zurliene
Jonathan Fleming
Kenneth Mucalo
Montgomery Jones
Paul Cassell
Robert Taylor
Ryan Anetsberger
Shawn Pietrofore
Sienna Hohenstreet
Sophie Holle
Taylor Schubert
Will Dining
Zarfan Osmawi

We hope that you are all prepared for some tough love, followed by regular love … and music

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Every Wednesday at 6 pm KMNR celebrates some of it’s favorite artists by playing their music for two hours straight! Every week is a different DJ with their favorite musician, so be sure to tune in to the artist feature on 89.7 FM

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You only have until Sunday to turn in an application and sign up for an interview to be a KMNR DJ! So be sure to come on by Altman Hall (the corner of 10th and State) for the opportunity of a lifetime

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KMNR is now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 trainee class! This is your opportunity to control the airwaves, have your own radio show, put on concerts, and share your love of music with your peers! To apply, pick up an application at KMNR, located at the corner of 10th and State in Altman Hall. You will also need to sign up for a 20 minute interview slot during the week of February 2-6. Interview slots are limited, and it’s first come first serve so don’t wait!

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Tomorrow is the first day of class, but more importantly it is the the first day of scheduled KMNR shows this year! Check out this years sweet schedule at

KMNR 89.7 FM Rolla
Student run, free format college radio from Missouri S&T. 50 years of playing none of the hits. Listen online and view the schedule at

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